MetaData Manager™

17a-4 has created a software package designed to create and manage metadata content.  The modules are designed to insert various types of metadata into archival records so subsequent e-Discovery searches can provide accurate collections of responsive content.  Metadata may be inserted into a SQL database, header information, subject line or the message body itself.

MetaData Manager can leverage several data sources from an email message to map for use in searches.

  • Bloomberg®
  • Blackberry®
  • Microsoft Lync®
  • Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Cisco/WebEx/Jabber®
  • Reuters Eikon®


Metadata tags allow for auto categorization, granular retention and accurate collections of responsive content.  The appropriate tag can allow for searches based on criteria applicable to an institutions infrastructure (employee id #’s, student vs. faculty, internal vs. external etc.).  When faced with an e-Discovery, this seemingly minor component can reduce productions drastically.

Additional Information

17a-4′s MetaData Manager

Metadata and Archive Management