MetaData Manager


DataParser MetaData Manager DataParser


Designed to create and manage metadata content

Modules insert metadata into archival records

Provides accurate collections of responsive content

Metadata may be inserted into a SQL database, header information, subject line or the message body itself

Leverages several data sources for mapping

Tags allow for auto categorization, granular retention and accurate collections of responsive content

Allow for searches based on criteria applicable to an institutions infrastructure (employee id #’s, student vs. faculty, internal vs. external etc.)

Can drastically reduce productions

Audit reports capture the sources of e-messaging content

Alerts for missing source content

Reporting to analyze source of content


17a-4’s MetaData Manager is built upon EMC’s BCE API designed for clients who wish to insert various types of metadata into SourceOne archival records so that subsequent e-Discovery searches can provide more accurate collections of responsive content.  Metadata may be inserted into the SQL database, header information, subject line or the message body itself.



Application Modules

Customized MetaData MappingThe MetaData Manager can set up customized metadata fields for the email based on email header fields.  SourceOne can then use those metadata fields as input into Collection Rules which will place coded messages into specific folders, or for search criteria in Discovery Manager.

Header Copying This functionality allows for the copying of email header fields from one field to another.  This is useful for 3rd party applications that may be able to index and search some header fields.

Identity MappingThe Identity Mapping module maps incoming sender/ receiver email addresses to an employee number.  The employee number is put into the Metadata field in SourceOne’s SQL database.

Route Based MappingThis module allows you to apply metadata based on domains of the email addresses in the To, From, CC, and/or BCC field.  For example, a client can map its outside law firm domains and insert PRIVILEGE metadata into the email record.  This will allow such e-Discovery products as Discovery Manager or Kazeon to cull messages based on emails being potentially privileged.  It also makes it easy to create matter privilege logs.

DataParser Mapping –  17a-4’s DataParser captures 3rd party messaging from numerous sources.  MetaData Manager will map those sources to SourceOne’s database so that Discovery Manager and Kazeon searches can pull data from any of the 3rd party content sources.


E-messaging Source Audit Reports

MetaData Manager can capture the sources of e-messaging content so alerts may be given if no content is received from a source during a day.  It also provides a report query that will analyze the source of content for a particular period.


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