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Many institutions are facing requirements to capture and monitor social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  Financial firms are looking to adhere to FINRA’s Guidance on Blogs and Social Networking Web Sites (NTM 10-06), schools and universities are addressing the Dignity for All Students Act ( and companies large and small are proactively overseeing their risk and compliance.

Social media content can be captured and archived by our DataParser™ which supports virtually every platform on the market.  The software captures and formats e-messaging and social media content for ingestion into an archive.  Thus, normalizing the archival content for proficient e-discovery and review.

We offer a free web version of the DataParser™ for social media capture.

Click Here >> DataParser for Social Media Capture Web Service™

By clicking on the above link and entering an email address and a webpage or URL address, an institution can have a copy of the web page sent via email to their regulatory archive.  Financial compliance officers and school administrators can  effectively monitor required sites using this free service.

For more information or to request a demonstration of the DataParser™ software please place a request or call (212)949-1724.

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