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17a-4’s DataParser for SharePoint is a lightweight middleware solution for compliance.  Microsoft SharePoint data is automatically retrieved for retention in an archive.  The DataParser manages ingestion into Office 365, Exchange or an email archive to create a single repository for compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures.

The DataParser for SharePoint offers customized formatting of the output email files.  Templates can customize nearly every field within the output email.  17a-4 provides ready-made templates for several of the more commonly collected SharePoint list types and the functionality allows for the creation of templates for any list type including custom list types provided by 3rd party tools.

DataParser for Microsoft SharePoint Features

Collects sites, sub-sites, lists, libraries, discussion boards, blogs and wikis

Offers granularity options to specify content to be collected

Leverages event handlers to capture additions and changes to content

Incorporates appropriate site/list/library information into meta fields or x-header

Features for all platforms

Formats source data into EML files

Support for service indicators and x-headers to facilitate e-discovery

Ability to maintain a copy of the source files

Timer structure for interval or specified run times

Support for UNC addresses

Ability to run multiple output configurations to integrate with existing infrastructures

Ability to output to Exchange or Office 365 mailbox via EWS

Ability to output to a file path for ingestion by an archive or routing by SMTP server (IIS)

Support for staged output to subdirectories or directly to a pickup location

Support for output to Office 365 third-party data mailbox

Summary reports and notification emails denote processing information

Throttling of data output to work within destination archiving platform thresholds

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