Microsoft Office 365 Third-Party Data Archiving

Archiving third-party data in Office 365 is now available. The third-party data archiving capability extends Office 365’s already robust archiving capabilities for email, documents in SharePoint and OneDrive, and Skype for Business.

The DataParser leverages Office 365’s new feature to deliver third party data sources for import and retention.  Supported data sources are formatted by the DataParser software into eml files with metadata intact for ingestion into Office 365.  DataParser processed messages are fully searchable for e-discovery and supervisory reviews within Office 365.

Microsoft has developed Office 365’s Exchange Admin Center for Compliance Management and the new  Security & Compliance Center to have the necessary tools for regulated data and messaging management.  Litigation Hold, In-Place eDiscovery and Hold, Compliance Search, Supervisory Review, Auditing and Reports, Permissions and Retention Policies and more can now be applied to a DataParser processed Jabber messages or Bloomberg chats just as with Office 365 email.

17a-4’s Compliance Services team strongly recommends all electronic data be normalized and archived for ease of compliance and e-discovery.  Office 365 offers a unified repository structure across data types to optimize compliance policy management and e-discovery procedures.

Office 365 Third Party Data Archiving


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