Compliance Software



Middleware compliance solution to manage regulated content from multiple data sources

Supports all major on premise and hosted archives

Supports Skype, Skype Online, Bloomberg, Jabber, SharePoint, FactSet, HipChat, Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, InvestEdge and more

Formats source data into .eml files

Manages data’s ingestion into an email archive, Exchange or Office 365

Lightweight, streamlined structure enables an easy integration into existing infrastructures

Allows users to leverage new technologies while still complying with regulations

Architecture provides for a single-point in which all e-messaging content may be managed for legal and regulatory holds, retention policy, and e-Discovery productions


  SEC DeskTop

Hosted SharePoint platform with built workflows for compliance review tasks

Retains all workflow activity and document libraries in a secure, 17a-4 compliant platform

Consists of legal modules that integrate workflows to seamlessly manage work product

Authorized parties can view and collaborate on the documents efficiently

Streamlines the workflow process between law firms and their corporate clients

An easy, cost-effective way for small to mid-sized companies to build, organize and manage a compliance program



Hyperlinked email disclaimer service

Fully compliant with a broad range of regulatory requirements

Provides the legal protection required for corporate emails

Eliminates flagging and retention removing the burden to archival storage

Drastically reduces erroneously flagged content during e-discovery

Defensible authentication of linked connection

Managed repository includes multi-lingual and conditional variations

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