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PostLog is a configurable capture tool to collect employee and firm communications from YouTube and Twitter.

Simply provide our Support team with the Twitter handle or YouTube account name that you want to be captured and the notifications will flow in.

Our PostLog service provides a capture mechanism for Twitter posts and YouTube videos.  Tweets and video links are formatted into the body of an email that can be sent to a corporate archive or any platform which retains email content for an institution.  PostLog is licensed by the number of Twitter or YouTube accounts you need captured.  Free 30-day trial licenses are available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Trusted technologies – Microsoft’s Power Automate templates enable integrations.
  • Retain a Unified Archive – PostLog integrates with industry email archiving platforms.
  • Rich Data Capture – Full resolution pictures, videos and GIF’s are attached in native formats.
  • Continuous Archiving – Capture and Preserve new Twitter and YouTube content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advanced Search and Tagging – Search the archive by communication type, date range, subject line, participants or hashtags.
  • Quick and Seamless Deployment – Connect and archive regulated Twitter and YouTube data without collecting personal login information. Supports up to 500 accounts.
  • Compliance, Monitoring, and Supervision – Captured Tweets and videos are subject to compliance retention and supervision monitoring using email archive platforms.


Below is an example of a PostLog processed Tweet that has been sent into Microsoft365 archive.