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DataParser License Plans


DataParser has license plans for every type of Client. If you are highly regulated Financial, Government, Healthcare or Energy institution – we have you covered. Don’t have the regulations but you do need to monitor employee and client communications or activities for HR, Operations or Litigation – we can help. Or maybe you are an eDiscovery or Forensic Investigation consultant that needs to manage a data set for a legal matter – we have options for you too.

Perpetual License Plan

The Perpetual License is an on-premise server license that provides for ongoing use of the software with no expiration date. This plan allows for continuous use and keeps cost to a minimum. The software is supported based on an Annual Support Fee of 15%.

Annual License Plan

The Annual License is an on-premise server license that allows for one year of use and includes Support. Clients can choose automatic renewal of the Annual license to ensure uninterrupted service.

Cloud License Plan

The Cloud License is for the hosted version of DataParser and allows for one year of use. The software is supported based on a Cloud Support Fee of 25%.  Learn more about DataParser Cloud here.

DataParserUsing DataParser for eDiscovery

DataParser supports legacy or eDiscovery data pulls from Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Slack, Zoom, Cisco Jabber and Webex, Fuze, Bloomberg, Symphony and many other content sources.

eDiscovery licenses are provided per data source and based on the number of users, amount of data and time period for collection. Legacy data sets can be collected and sent to file locations for export to outside counsel or ingested into archive and storage accounts like Microsoft’s Azure or 365 or other eDiscovery review platforms like Relativity.  We have thousands of clients collecting content from these content sources on a daily, production basis.  DataParser’s collection replicates the actual user experience when using these platforms as well as maintaining full metadata and chain-of-custody information.

Since the DataParser software is the leading, independent capture software, we work closely with leading platforms such as Microsoft, Cisco and Slack to understand what type of content may be collected.  We’ll review with you whether content like break-out rooms, white boards, private channels and shared documents may collected as part of an eDiscovery production.


Additional DataParser licenses available upon request

  • Lab – test lab server licenses can be purchased for an annual flat rate per server.
  • Disaster Recovery – DR licenses require a separate installation and configuration and are half the cost of production licenses.
  • Term – used for a one-time data set (typically per month) for e-discovery and legacy data sets.
  • Trial – free 30-day trial license are available for POC/test servers only.