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eDisclaimerEmail eDisclaimer is our hyperlinked email disclaimer service.

eDisclaimer LawA fully complaint and defensible solution that eliminates disclaimer hassles.

Email disclaimers are necessary to protect rights and responsibilities but can prove burdensome to Compliance and IT. This is especially true when time is of the essence in response to an SEC or FINRA regulatory request for an e-discovery production.

Regulations require institutions to attach a disclaimer to all corporate emails. The language of the disclaimers, words like confidential, privacy, guarantee etc., can result in unnecessary flagging by regulatory supervisory systems (FINRA Rule 3110 and IAA 203) increasing costs of legal reviews and e-discovery productions. The flagged content is archived along with the email’s full text, resulting in a large amount of usable space occupied by inconsequential content at a considerable cost. Full text email disclaimers can account for as much as 15% of space in an institutions archive. eDisclaimer simply eliminates the flagging and retention of these items in the archive.

eDisclaimer, our hyperlinked email disclaimer service, provides the legal protection required for corporate emails while removing the burden to archival storage and drastically reducing erroneously flagged content during e-discovery. With a managed repository, clients can include all multi-lingual and conditional variations for e-messaging and social networking disclaimers.

LockedDisclaimers are stored in a secure Azure environment.Locked

eDisclaimer Features:

Arrow Hyperlinked email disclaimer service

Arrow Fully compliant with a broad range of regulatory requirements

Arrow Provides legal protection required for corporate emails

Arrow Drastically reduces erroneously flagged content during e-discovery

Arrow Eliminates flagging and retention removing the burden to archival storage

Arrow Defensible authentication of linked connection

Arrow Secure managed Azure repository for all disclaimers