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Movius MultiLine DataParser

DataParser brings Movius MultiLine data into any compliance archive or eDiscovery platform.

Movius is the mobile communication company for the work-from-anywhere world. MultiLine™ by Movius is the trusted solution for using mobile voice, text, and WhatsApp for business and customer communications globally.

DataParser is the leading independent connector solution to collect and format third party data for archiving and eDiscovery.

The Movius MultiLine DataParser lets you use the technology you want while still meeting your compliance and security policy requirements.



Key Features of the Movius MultiLine DataParser

  • Collects text data.
  • Maintains user/participant information.
  • Maintains source transcripts.
  • Ability to filter Users for collection.
  • Message tagging and output options.
  • Supports multiple configurations.


How does DataParser work?

DataParser is connector software designed to collect data directly from its source to preserve chain of custody and maintain metadata for legally defensible compliance. Collected data is formatted for easy ingestion by compliance archives and can be delivered to any storage repository or eDiscovery system.

Do I need a server to deploy DataParser connector software?

No server needed!  Let us host DataParser for you.  Our DataParser Cloud is in a secure Azure environment so we can safely process your data.

Can I get a free trial of DataParser?

Yes!  Send a note to or fill in one of the contact forms on this site for a quick reply and connection to to a sales associate that can set you up with your free DataParser trial license.  On-premise and Cloud trial licenses are available.  Enterprise POC licenses are available for 30-60 days.

Does the Movius MultiLine DataParser collect WhatsApp Text Messages?

Yes, WhatsApp data is included too!  Users can switch between WhatsApp and phone SMS and still be in compliance with data and communications regulations.

Supported Data Sources

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements. Chats, Online Meetings, Documents, Data feeds, Collaboration Platforms and Databases are supported. DataParser handles the collection from the source, formatting of the data and delivery to an archive, eDiscovery platform or storage repository. 17a-4 partners with all data source providers to ensure continuous support of new features.  17a-4’s software team has streamlined the development of new interfaces.  Please get in contact if you are using a platform not listed below and would like us to add it to our DataParser roadmap.

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