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17a-4’s Hybrid Suite

We work with large, complex, regulated organizations to help manage data, stay in compliance with governing rules, and enable users to work with robust technologies and communication platforms.

Chats, meetings, webinars, documents, data feeds, text messages… the list of data types that must be managed continues to grow.

Emerging technologies and changing regulatory landscapes prove a challenging task for Compliance, Security and IT teams.  Larger firms have the added complexity of multiple infrastructures for different business units and products within the organization.  Mergers further complicate; inevitably there is a period of consolidation and migration from one technology to another.

We’ve created a bundle of products and services so our clients can better manage these varied data types and complex environments while keeping cost to a minimum.  Our Hybrid Suite simply brings together the tools our Enterprise organizations typically use.  Now they can be purchased together with the added benefit of the bundle discounts for cost savings.


17a-4 LLC

The Hybrid Suite includes:

  • Capture of content from platforms such as Microsoft’s Teams, Cisco’s Webex, Salesforce’s Slack and Quip, Zoom, Bloomberg, Symphony, Refinitiv’s Eikon Messenger for a single DataParser license price and with no additional licensing to send that content to as many other repositories as required.  Thus, a client can capture Zoom and send to Microsoft’s 365, Google Vault or Veritas’ EnterpriseVault.
  • The DataParser currently interfaces with virtually all archiving platforms using many different delivery models. It also integrates with a client’s Active Directory so that it can recognize which employee’s messaging content should be delivered to which output destinations.
  • For destinations which cannot handle large file attachments or meeting audio or video, the DataParser will store the attachment in Microsoft’s Azure Blob storage but incorporate a link into the message so that the full meeting information can be easily retrieved.
  • Also included is 17a-4’s leading eDisclaimer Service which allows for the incorporation of a hyperlinked disclaimer. This allows a simple link to be incorporated into email, Webex and Zoom presentations and even text messaging.

More about what’s included…

Multiple Configurations

The ability to collect different types of data from many sources and deliver it to multiple locations is a must have feature for any Enterprise connector solution.  With very large organizations, data sources and archives will come and go, so having one point through which a company can feed all of their data, immediately eases compliance concerns and facilities technology transitions for users.  DataParser has been designed in exactly this way; built to manage many different types of data in many different environments with ease and efficiency.  Our Enterprise clients have been key to the development of DataParser, contributing feature requests and enhancements that work best in their complex infrastructures, shaping the product into what it is today – a flexible tool for large organizations to leverage for data compliance.  DataParser is the heart of the Hybrid Suite; we’ve tied in some Add-ons that are most useful for Enterprise organizations.


Active Directory

The larger the organization, the more complex user management becomes. Counts fluctuate and onboarding or removing actions increase.  Typically, technologies, licenses, and resources are provisioned or removed on a more frequent basis.  Corporate and regulatory policies are usually more extensive, and a user’s data might be subject to several procedures to ensure compliance.  The easiest tool for managing this process is Active Directory.  Being able to use AD groups centralizes procedures for adding or removing users and allows for integrating software like DataParser to perform complex queries to direct processes.  Any AD characteristic like name, location, team membership or account type can be queried to ensure a user’s data is managed correctly.  Users are automatically collected, and their data is placed in the appropriate location based on these queries.  The connection to AD and ability to maintain a point of integration throughout environment changes drastically eases user management for IT and Compliance teams.

Azure Blob

One of the emerging issues that all of these various data sources seem to have in common is file size.  Throughout the course of a given workday a user will open, edit, close and share a document or file many times.  Each action creating a new, bigger item.  Perhaps, it’s a webinar being created for customers or an Excel doc that is updated continuously.  Different file types like meetings, videos, audio files, GIFs and code work can all be too large to make it into mail systems or compliance archives that typically manage email and chat.  If they do make it, storage costs are going up.  One solution is to send these to a lower cost storage that can handle the size and various formats, like Blob storage.  DataParser can integrate with Azure Blob for exactly this purpose.  DataParser also inserts a working link to any associated source data so Compliance can review a chat in the email archive and click on a link to Azure Blob location to review the large file that was shared in that chat.  Complete, compliant review accomplished!


eDisclaimer is a solution to address the legal and regulatory requirements for implementing hyperlinked email disclaimers, specifically the defensible authentication of the linked connection. If an organization simply deploys a hyperlink to a webpage with a full disclaimer, they have failed to authenticate the connection.  There is no verifiable proof that, at the time of the email, the specific disclaimer was valid and linked. The legality of a disclaimer is negated unless each email can be proven to connect to a specific disclaimer, as it reads at the time of attachment.  Our eDisclaimer service proves the integrity of the hyperlink by managing a repository on behalf of larger clients.  The repository contains all disclaimers used by an institution, including multi-lingual and conditional variations such as messaging and social networking disclaimers.  eDisclaimer is fully compliant, provides the legal protection required for corporate emails, removes the burden to archival storage and drastically reduces erroneously flagged content during eDiscovery.

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Supported Data Sources

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements. Chats, Online Meetings, Documents, Data feeds, Collaboration Platforms and Databases are supported. DataParser handles the collection from the source, formatting of the data and delivery to an archive, eDiscovery platform or storage repository. 17a-4 partners with all data source providers to ensure continuous support of new features.  17a-4’s software team has streamlined the development of new interfaces.  Please get in contact if you are using a platform not listed below and would like us to add it to our DataParser roadmap.

17a-4’s Hybrid Suite is available for an additional 25% above standard DataParser license pricing.  Free trial licenses are available.