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1Global DataParser

DataParser brings 1Global (formerly Truphone) text messaging into any Compliance Archive, Storage Repository or eDiscovery System.

1Global is the leading provider of global in-network recording, providing this service for 10 of the top 12 global financial institutions. Innovators in eSIM-based GSM mobile services, catering to businesses and individuals with products including mobile phone calls and SMS recording services for businesses, remote SIM provisioning, IOT solutions, Telco-as-a-Service for travel companies, and affordable roaming for everyday consumers.

DataParser is connector software to bring 1Global text data into any archive or eDiscovery system in use.

1Global DataParser helps you use the technology you want while still meeting your compliance and security policy requirements.



Key Features of 1Global DataParser

  • Supports capture of mobile users’ SMS text messages.
  • Collects 1Global (Truphone) data via SFTP.
  • Formats data into EMLs with text conversations in the email body.
  • Reconciles with corporate email addresses.
  • Supports output to a journal mailbox, file location or via SMTP.

Tell me about license plans

Can I test the 1Global DataParser?

Yes.  We offer free 30-day trial licenses for testing.  Our deployment teams can set you up in our DataParser Cloud to quickly test the end-to-end process.  There are no fees for testing and 17a-4 Sales and Support teams are available throughout for questions and feedback.

How do DataParser licenses work?

Each data source is licensed separately, and the license is tied to the number of users you need collected.  Since DataParser can integrate with Active Directory (AD), users can be filtered according to any AD attribute or group.  We offer several different license types to fit different budgets and use cases.

The following fees apply to DataParser and depend upon deployment and license choice.

  • License fee – Annual, Perpetual, Cloud, DR, Lab and Term licenses
  • Installation/Configuration fee – applies to on-premise installs or Cloud configurations
  • Hosting fee – for Cloud deployments
  • Annual Support fee – Perpetual licenses are supported with an Annual Support fee of 15% (support fees are included in Annual license fees)
  • Add-on services as requested (legacy data processing, custom code etc.)

More about DataParser license plans

Is there a Cloud version of 1Global DataParser?

Yes! Our DataParser Cloud is run in a secure Azure environment that eliminates the need for any on-premise resources or administration.

Cloud clients can leave the daily administration and oversight to 17a-4 Support.  Our dedicated team manages the end-to-end process and monitors daily to ensure seamless collections and archiving.

More about DataParser Cloud

How do I know when DataParser has delivered messages to my archive?

DataParser reports and daily notifications offer an easy way to track the end-to-end process.  A summary of the DataParser processes can be sent to as many users or teams as needed.

DataParser also offers a message detail report for reconciliation and internal audit processes.

Supported Data Sources

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements. Chats, Online Meetings, Documents, Data feeds, Collaboration Platforms and Databases are supported. DataParser handles the collection from the source, formatting of the data and delivery to an archive, eDiscovery platform or storage repository. 17a-4 partners with all data source providers to ensure continuous support of new features.  17a-4’s software team has streamlined the development of new interfaces.  Please get in contact if you are using a platform not listed below and would like us to add it to our DataParser roadmap.

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