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Webex DataParser

DataParser brings Webex by Cisco into any Compliance Archive or eDiscovery platform.

Webex Meetings and Messages bring together remote and in-person teams for work that goes anywhere.

DataParser is connector software to bring Webex data into any archive, repository or eDiscovery system.

Webex DataParser helps you use the Webex technology you want while still meeting your Compliance and Security policy requirements.

Webex DataParserDataParser

Key Features of Webex DataParser

  • Collects Webex Meeting and Message Chats, Images, File Attachments, Whiteboards, and Emojis.
  • Integrates with Active Directory for filtering to collect only a required subset of users.
  • Supports custom Message tagging and multiple output options.
  • Pulls data directly from Cisco’s APIs.
  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Tell me about license plans

How does DataParser work?

DataParser is connector software designed to collect data directly from its source to preserve chain of custody and maintain metadata for legally defensible compliance. Data is formatted for easy review and delivered to an archive or other specified destinations.

DataParser can be run automatically or on demand for daily collections or one-off eDiscovery requests.  Cloud and On-premise options are available including free trial licenses upon request.

Do I need a server for this service?

No. Let us handle everything for you with DataParser Cloud. Our dedicated DataParser Cloud Support team will monitor your service to ensure uninterrupted processing and so that any issues that do occur are quickly resolved.  DataParser Cloud is run in a secure Azure environment.

Can I run DataParser on demand instead of a schedule?

Yes. With the on-premise version of DataParser you control how and when it is run. If you need to send data to your legal team for particular users or a specific date, simply create a configuration for your use case and pull the data.  eDiscovery vendors often use DataParser in this way to process data sets responsive to a legal matter.

How do we get Support for our on-premise version of DataParser?

Open a ticket with our Support team by emailing or visiting the technical support page here.  Our Support team (based in Kansas City) is eager to resolve any issues encountered so daily data processing is not delayed.

Can I collect files that I’ve shared in Webex with DataParser?

Yes. DataParser can be configured to collect files from Cisco’s API. You can allow your users to share files on Webex and use DataParser to collect them and stay in compliance.

Sample Output


All output is sent into your archive or supervision platform as a threaded EML file. This helps to keep conversations together for easy and logical viewing. A service indicator can be appended or prepended to the subject line to allow for simple searching. Shared files are referenced in the conversation and attached to the EML output. Additional samples are available upon request.

Supported Data Sources

DataParser is a modular software solution designed to meet Compliance, Legal, Security and IT requirements. Chats, Online Meetings, Documents, Data feeds, Collaboration Platforms and Databases are supported. DataParser handles the collection from the source, formatting of the data and delivery to an archive, eDiscovery platform or storage repository. 17a-4 partners with all data source providers to ensure continuous support of new features.  17a-4’s software team has streamlined the development of new interfaces.  Please get in contact if you are using a platform not listed below and would like us to add it to our DataParser roadmap.