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Working with data exports for simplified compliance

April 03, 2024

Data exports can be a great way to bring data into compliance.  DataParser has modules designed specifically to handle exports from third-party data sources.  Clients have used DataParser to process exports of users’ data from platforms like Slack Business, LineWorks, WhatsApp, Global Relay Text and Advisor360.

DataParser is developed to collect data directly from the source.  APIs are the usual method to capture the data.  Some data source vendors don’t make users’ data available via APIs, so they offer other options for client access.  One of the more common and low-cost options for vendors is to allow clients to export the organization’s data in a simplified format, like a CSV file.  Clients set up reoccurring exports on a daily basis for DataParser to collect, format the data and then send it into their archive of choice.  There are typically customizations needed for each data source, but 17a-4’s development team has streamlined this process with templates. 

Exports differ from APIs services in several ways.  They don’t always contain all the data from the vendor’s platform.  However, from a data compliance standpoint, as long as the regulated users’ communications are retained, the organization stays in compliance.  Often files or images will not be included in an export, but chat and text data are what is required to comply with retention regulations for government agencies and certain business sectors.  DataParser manages the formatting, threading and reconciling of users to the chat or text data as well as the delivery and reporting on the process.  This gives clients the ability to automatically bring these various types of third-party data into the archive or eDiscovery system with minimal resources.

Typically used for Security and Compliance requirements, DataParser is designed for verifiable chain of custody and regulatory compliance.  Archiving data for HR, remote work, IP, legal or corporate policies are common use cases.  Financial firms, Government agencies, Education, Energy and Healthcare organizations all use DataParser.

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