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Preservation of Government Zoom Meetings

April 24, 2024

DataParserOnline meetings have become a very effective civic engagement tool. Citizens can view government meetings and participate in community discussions that they might otherwise not be able to join. Zoom meetings have become a standard platform for these meetings. However, preserving these meetings has become both technically and financially challenging for local and state agencies.

17a-4’s DataParser is the leading independent capture software for Zoom and is widely used by regulated industries to collect chat, meeting, webinar, file and other types of data. This complete solution is great for most of our clients, but we understand some state and local agencies may not have the budget for these enterprise solutions or need all the “bells and whistles”. The new offering of Zoom Meetings Government complements our traditional full capture DataParser with a very cost-effective solution for agencies.

“Many governments rely on Zoom meetings but then have to deal with the preservation of the meetings under both regulations and policies,” offers Charles Weeden. “Working through government technology partners, we provide our Zoom Meeting Services for an easy, low-cost solution.”

DataParser’s Zoom Meeting Services for Government clients provides:

  1. Capture of Zoom meetings including the metadata of participants;
  2. Preservation of the content in Microsoft’s Azure Blob or Amazon’s (AWS) storage;
  3. The ability to send the linked content to a specified email address (i.e.;
  4. An email with a link to the actual recording so that a government employee can easily send to any citizen who wants to view the meeting at a later time;
  5. Retention of the meeting recording customized to the requirements of the government agency.

This solution means that governments will be able to provide a new service that will increase the engagement of citizens and foster the sharing of critical community discussion.


Zoom for Government offers communication and collaboration across video meetings, phone, webinar, chat, and conference room solutions.  Designed to comply with the stringent requirements of the Federal Government, Zoom for Government delivers an intuitive and secure experience.

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