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DataParser Messaging Schemas

May 02, 2024

The DataParser Messaging Schema for normalizing collaboration data is being formalized for GitHub distribution.  New AI and text analytical programs have transformed institutions’ ability to improve corporate compliance, add value to client interactions, and deliver unprecedented operational efficiencies. Properly formatted proprietary content, whether email, documents, collaborative chats or text messaging, is the grist for these AI platforms.

The current weak link is the lack of an interchange format standard (schema) that supports the output from platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, Salesforce Slack, Webex, Verizon, and WhatsApp. In addition, many other platforms support client communications, including ServiceNow, Genesys, Monday, ICE, and Symphony.

The DataParser is the leading capture software for both content and AI / analytic repositories.  It captures from over 25 different content sources and delivers to over 30 platforms.

“The knowledge that we’ve built over the years has been incorporated into the DataParser Messaging Schema,” offers Curt Robinson, CTO of 17a-4.  “Each platform has specific metadata requirements and content constraints.  For instance, pushing Slack or Zoom content into Microsoft’s 365 Purview requires very specific formats and metadata information.”
“When multiple systems need to interact, the software firms realize that they need to coordinate schemas.  We’ve seen this in the financial industry with trade order management systems and in regulatory reporting with the SEC’s EDGAR system,” offers Charles Weeden.  “We are working to document and formalize our templates and then invite industry comment.  Once we’ve finalized our XML Schema (XSD), we will submit it to GitHub and publish the documentation.  The format will be open and managed on behalf of all developers looking to normalize messaging and collaborative data.”

New and existing collaborative platforms will be able to use this schema so that AI, archive, supervision, and eDiscovery platforms will be able to ingest the textual content without code development.  With too many proprietary interfaces, it is time that the messaging industry accept a lingua franca for textual content.

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