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The DataParser is the leading middleware solution to manage regulated data for e-discovery and compliance. SEC, FINRA, CFTC and other governing bodies impose strict guidelines on corporate data. In addition to email, regulations have expanded to include communication platforms, management systems and associated database content.

Developed in 2005 as a cost-effective, compliant solution to manage regulated content across multiple sources, the DataParser supports all major on premise and hosted archives on the market. Data feeds, instant messaging, database content, document management platforms and trading systems can all be captured and controlled using the DataParser. The DataParser handles the formatting of source data and manages it’s ingestion into an archive creating a single point of compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures. It’s lightweight, streamlined structure enables an easy integration into existing infrastructures.

The goal of the DataParser is to allow clients to leverage new technologies while still complying with appropriate regulations. 17a-4’s architecture provides for a single-point in which all e-messaging content may be managed for legal and regulatory holds, retention policy, and e-Discovery productions.

DataParser Supported Interfaces:

Features for all platforms:

  • Multiple output options facilitate ingestion into any archiving platform
  • Ability to stage output into sub directories or drop directly to a location
  • Ability to export directly to an Outlook folder
  • Ability to send via SMTP
  • Automated clean-up of archived download files after a hold period
  • Timer structure allows the DataParser to run at specific or cyclical time periods
  • Support for UNC addresses
  • Summary Report of all processes per run
  • Throttling of data output to prevent overwhelming destination archive
  • Leverages existing archive platform for consistent compliance policy and procedure

DataParser System Requirements:

  • Computer running Microsoft Windows or Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Physical or Virtual Servers supported (64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1 or higher
  • Processor storage: 3X the amount of data processed (i.e. 2 GBs processed per day would be 6 GBs of processor storage)
  • Network storage: Daily amount processed X number of days needed to retain (i.e. 2 GBs processed per day and retained for 10 days would be 20 GBs)

The DataParser is designed to facilitate modular development to continually add support for new technologies. If your institution is using a platform not listed above, please contact us for a development quote. Communication platforms and database systems can become compliant with custom developed DataParser modules that integrate with existing infrastructures.

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