17a-4’s DataParser is an on premise middleware solution with a modular design to collect and format data for compliance with SEC and FINRA rules.  Data feeds, instant messaging, database content, document management platforms, trading systems and more can be ingested into Office 365, Exchange or an email archive.

Many institutions are required to capture and retain e-messaging content in addition to email.  17a-4 developed the DataParser in 2005 as an on premise cost effective solution to manage regulated content.  The software collects, formats and delivers data to repositories for archival retention and e-discovery.

Designed to integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, the DataParser has various delivery options that can run multiple configurations for complex environments.  Messages can go directly into an Exchange or Office 365 environment, to a file location or into an on premise or hosted email archive.

The DataParser creates streamlined compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures allowing clients to leverage in house resources and keep costs to a minimum.

The DataParser runs as a Service in the Microsoft Windows environment and can run unattended.


 Supported Interfaces


Bloomberg                Cisco Jabber                      Eikon Messenger            FactSet                    Microsoft Skype for Business         Microsoft SharePoint           Skype Online

Blackberry                  SitrionOne                    InvestEdge

HipChat Server                  Squawker Trading                      Pivot


 More Supported Interfaces

Microsoft LiveMeeting
MessageLabs Data Streams
LivePerson Data Streams
UBS Chat
Oracle/ATG ‘click-to-call’ Live Help
Parlano MindAlign
SQL Databases
Social Media (LinkedIn, FaceBook and Websites) (Limited Availability)
Microsoft SharePoint Online (Limited Availability)

 Features for all platforms

Formats source data into EML files

Support for service indicators and x-headers to facilitate e-discovery

Ability to maintain a copy of the source files

Timer structure for interval or specified run times

Support for UNC addresses

Ability to run multiple output configurations to integrate with existing infrastructures

Ability to output to Exchange or Office 365 mailbox via EWS

Ability to output to a file path for ingestion by an archive or routing by SMTP server (IIS)

Support for staged output to sub-directories or directly to a pickup location

Support for output to Office 365 third-party data mailbox

Summary reports and notification emails denote processing information

Throttling of data output to work within destination archiving platform thresholds

System Requirements



Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 or later

Physical or Virtual with 64-bit architecture


2+ cores clocked at 2.5ghz or higher


OS Support Software

Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API 2.2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Microsoft Windows .NET 3.5 Features

For the DataParser’s automatic licensing and update functionality, the server on which the software is installed must have an external internet connect, and access to the domain and subdomains. Some modules have additional requirements to consider.

The DataParser is designed for modular development and the ability to continually add support for new technologies. If your institution is using a platform not listed above, please contact us for a development quote. Communication platforms and database systems can become compliant with custom developed DataParser modules that integrate with existing infrastructures.

Request a demo or trial license here.

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