DataParser Software





“compliance software for archiving e-messaging and database content”

17a-4’s DataParser is the leading e-messaging capture software supporting virtually all third party platforms .The software was developed in 2005 to be a cost-effective, compliant solution to retain regulated content across multiple platforms in the institutional archive.  Current rules and regulations impose strict guidelines on corporate data that have expanded to include user systems and communication management platforms.

The DataParser’s lightweight, streamlined structure enables easy module development and, as a middle-ware software product, it integrates easily into existing infrastructures.  Data feeds, instant messaging, database content, document management platforms and trading systems can all be captured and controlled using the DataParser.

17a-4’s architecture provides for a single-point in which all e-messaging content may be managed for legal and regulatory holds, retention policy, and e-Discovery productions.

DataParser Supported Interfaces:

Features for all platforms:

  • Multiple output options facilitate ingestion into any archiving platform
  • Ability to stage output into subdirectories or drop directly to a location
  • Ability to export directly to an Outlook folder
  • Ability to send via SMTP
  • Automated clean-up of archived download files after a hold period
  • Timer structure allows the DataParser to run at specific or cyclical time periods
  • Support for UNC addresses
  • Summary Report of all processes per run
  • Throttling of data output to prevent overwhelming destination archive
  • Leverages existing archive platform for consistent compliance policy and procedure

The DataParser is designed to facilitate modular development to continually extend interface support. If your institution is using a platform not listed above, please contact us for a development quote. Communication platforms and database systems can become compliant with custom developed DataParser modules that integrate with existing infrastructures.

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