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e-Dis.co Division

17a-4 has been assisting institutions with e-Discovery services since 2001.  Often, we find these institutions are faced with huge expenditures during the course of a legal matter because they do not have a formal information governance plan in place.  This has directly led to the creation of e-Dis.co to both cost effectively assist firms with legal productions and implement information governance procedures to mitigate risk and expense.

The most effective way to have information governance procedures in effect is to coordinate IT, Legal and Compliance, develop a plan of action and come to an agreement on policy.  17a-4’s e-Dis.co division is uniquely suited to handle this process and will support only those aspects in which we can bring value.  Our solution encompasses the management of unstructured content and the ability to do in-house early case assessment.

e-Dis.co’s ability to ease financial burdens, while still providing the necessary expertise, has made us a valuable asset to institutions in the course of an e-Discovery process.



Director e-Discovery Services e-Dis.co, 17a-4 llc

Bill Weeden has been working in the field of Information Technology for over 30 years developing his expertise within the Financial Services industry. Before joining 17a-4 llc, in 2010, he worked as a Director for Align Communications Inc. providing service to many financial firms including RBS, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Re and CIBC for ten plus years. Prior to Align, Bill was with Merrill Lynch in Asset Management as an Application Development Manager, for ten years. Before working with Merrill Lynch, he was the Chief Financial Officer for QV Trading Systems Inc. Bill graduated from University of Delaware in 1980 with degrees in both accounting and finance.

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