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17a-4’s DataParser offers customizable modules for compliance

April 30, 2013

The DataParser is designed to facilitate modular development to continually extend interface support. Communication platforms and database systems can become compliant with custom developed DataParser modules that integrate with existing infrastructures.

17a-4 llc is continuing to enhance the DataParser™ with custom developments for message and database platforms. The DataParser’s lightweight, streamlined structure enables easy module development. Data feeds, communication systems, messaging and database content, document management and trading platforms can all be captured and controlled using the DataParser. Current rules and regulations impose strict guidelines on corporate data that have expanded to include user systems and communication management platforms. 17a-4 clients have used the easily customizable DataParser software to gain control of this data. Currently the DataParser is being developed to capture Squawker™, a trading platform that provides a communication environment with social networking principles, to give the users control of the entire trading process, from liquidity discovery to negotiation and trade execution.
The DataParser is a robust middleware application geared towards converting any source of data into formats that serve compliance and regulatory requirements. The modular nature of the DataParser allows us to quickly develop solutions in a timely manner allowing financial and other cross industry organizations to address the shifting regulatory landscape. Our experience with a variety of compliance repositories assures compatibility over home-grown and one-off solutions.” says Curt Robinson, CTO 17a-4 llc.
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