Full text email disclaimers can account for as much as 15% of space in an institutions archive.

Compliance and regulation rules insist that institutions attach a disclaimer to all corporate emails.  This information is archived along with the email’s content, resulting in a large amount of usable space occupied by inconsequential content.  Each time an archive is accessed for an e-Discovery this information is searched and sometimes flagged for content.  This squanders time in the course of an already lengthy legal process.

Many institutions are finding that they require multiple disclaimers.  In some cases this has to do with different departmental requirements.  In others, due to today’s international corporate environment, these disclaimers must fit applicable government regulations and, of course, appropriate language.

The solution to these dilemmas is answered with the use of 17a-4’s hyperlinked e-Disclaimer™.

17a-4’ e-Disclaimer services provides professional support to maintain hyperlinked disclaimers.

  • Provide the testimony of authentication and the verification of the “chain of custody”.
  • Manage a hyper linked disclaimer repository on behalf of a client.  This will serve as a secure historical file reflecting which link is paired to which disclaimer.
  • We are able to customize the disclaimer to reflect an institution’s current format and ensure applicable regulations are being met.


Click the link below to see how 17a-4’s e-Disclaimer will view in an email.


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