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17a-4 Offers a Compliance Services Suite for Compliance Officers

October 15, 2014

As it becomes ever more difficult for compliance officers to monitor and reports their compliance activities, 17a-4, llc has bundled a number of its compliance services together into the 17a-4 Compliance Services Suite. 

17a-4, llc has bundled together a number of compliance services into the 17a-4 Compliance Services Suite.  These offerings address many of the compliance needs of a financial compliance officer including:  Designated 3rd Party services, the SEC Compliance DeskTop which includes the modules for international research (SEC Rule 15a-6), institutional sales material (FINRA Rule 2210), outside business activities (OBAs), customer complaints, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance, e-Disclaimer and other services.  This suite provides these services at a significant discount to compliance departments purchasing these services separately.

The 17a-4 Compliance Services Suite includes support for:

  • Designated 3rd Party Services for a Broker/dealer;
  • The SEC Compliance DeskTop which provides for a cloud-hosted SharePoint platform that is in compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4 and other retention regulations. The SEC Compliance DeskTop provides support for international research (SEC Rule 15a-6), institutional research (FINRA Rule 2210), customer complaints and outside business activities;
  • E-Disclaimer services including support for externally hosted URLs with the broker/dealer disclaimer. By replacing the email disclaimer with a URL hosted by a third-party, a financial institution can eliminate from an email the words which are flagged by many of the industry’s supervisory systems and, of course, reduce the size of its email archive.  By involving a third-party, a broker/dealer can have independent testimony and confirmation that a particular disclaimer was linked to an email at the time that the email was actually send.  Many firms currently use the same hyperlink when they change their disclaimer which makes the disclaimer inadmissible as evidence.
  • Integrated support for Foreign Corrupt Practices including ability to report and monitor payments or other gifts of value by agents of the institution.

The 17a-4 Compliance Suite is available starting at $4,000 per year per broker/ dealer.