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Changes to Bloomberg ® Messaging

June 11, 2012

As of June 18th, 2012 Bloomberg will be enhancing the Account level daily compliance feed for Message and IBs.  The new data fields include Firm Number, Account Number and UUID for users of the account that the feed is set-up for.  All other users will see no changes to the feed.  In addition, this will not change the Firm level daily feeds or feeds for non-Bloomberg users.  17a-4’s technical division has tested the new format and affirms that these changes will not affect how 17a-4’s DataParser ™ processes Bloomberg feeds.  The additional data will be recorded in the messagebody.xml file.  It will not be part of the actual email message, nor interfere with the content capture.  17a-4 clients that use the DataParser™ for Bloomberg will not have to make any adjustments for these enhancements.