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17a-4’s DataParser™ for SQL Capture

October 25, 2012

17a-4, llc Announces DataParser™ Software for SQL Capture

17a-4’s DataParser™ is leading capture software supporting virtually all third party message platforms (Microsoft Lync®, Bloomberg® BlackBerry® etc.).  17a-4 has developed the DataParser™ for SQL that collects and formats data from Microsoft SQL and other databases that employ ODBC. For the first time, this allows institutions to capture SQL data into a regulatory archive.  Capture of this information is required by SEC’s Rule 17a-4 and other regulations. 


Oct. 24, 2012 Millbrook, NY — 17a-4 llc is an e-messaging compliance and litigation firm with a focus on software development.  They design and implement information governance solutions for institutions required to comply with SEC, FINRA and other applicable regulations.  17a-4’s software and services have been used by leading institutions, since 2001, to adhere to regulations and rules that govern corporate communications.  The DataParser™ software was developed in 2005 to capture third party messaging content for format and ingestion into an institutional archive.  This allows companies to take advantage of collaborative platforms like NewGator®, SharePoint® and Microsoft Lync® while still adhering to corporate compliance policy and procedure.

The latest development for 17a-4’s DataParser leverages the SQL database through ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) to retain content for format and ingestion into an institutions’ archive.  Clients can gain visibility of data, systems and software and comply with current rules and regulations regarding the capture and retention of corporate information.  DataParser for SQL has extensive capabilities to allow for collection from any number of servers and provide granularity options to specify which content will be collected and formatted.  Options include the ability to directly collect SQL tables or apply customizations to create archival tables on the server.  A trigger is created automatically to copy the relevant columns from the source tables. DataParser for SQL also provides the ability to customize data into a user-friendly format using special XML template files.  Templates convert the raw SQL column data for insertion into an email and allow for cross-table lookup of collected data to merge for a single output.

“The SEC and other regulators mandate that electronic records be captured and retained in accordance with regulations.  Though email and other forms of e-messaging are able to be captured, for the first time SQL database updates may also be captured and formatted for retention.  At this time, many firms are unaware that content in order management systems, trading systems and other real-time databases do have retention requirements,” says 17a-4 llc’s Managing Partner, Charles Weeden.

DataParser for SQL is currently slated for full release in November, 2012.  Clients interested in capabilities and pricing can contact or call (212) 949-1724.  17a-4 llc is a technology company with a strong legal background that provides e-messaging compliance and litigation expertise and offers information governance solutions designed to comply with regulatory and technical requirements for cross industry clients.  They are an SEC designated 3rd party and provide accompanying Letter of Undertaking services. Extensive e-discovery services are handled by the division.  17a-4 and are based in New York City but operate remote offices nationwide.  For more information, visit or call (212) 949-1724.