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17a-4 llc releases the DataParser™ for Squawker™

October 22, 2013

17a-4’s DataParser™ is the leading e-messaging capture software supporting virtually all third party platforms (Microsoft Lync®, Bloomberg® BlackBerry® etc.). 17a-4 has now developed the DataParser™ for Squawker™, to capture regulated trading content for archive. Retention of this data is required by SEC’s Rule 17a-4 and other applicable regulations.

October 22, 2013 Millbrook, NY — 17a-4 llc has released a new module of their DataParser software for compliance to capture Squawker™, a block trading platform. 17a-4 designs and implements compliance software for institutions required to comply with SEC, FINRA, FSA, FCA or other domestic and international regulations. Over 300 institutions worldwide use 17a-4’s DataParser to archive their messaging and communication systems including Bloomberg®, Cisco Jabber®, Microsoft Lync®, SharePoint® and more. Squawker’s trading platform is now a supported interface.

Squawker Ltd is head-quartered in London and is authorized and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Squawker’s trading platform provides a central venue for anonymous negotiation and execution of institutional block trades. It’s an electronic communication environment with social networking principles; to give control of the trading process to the user, from liquidity discovery through to negotiation and trade execution.

The DataParser for Squawker downloads the daily transcript log of communications and splits it into data sets organized by the “Interest ID” specific to the trade. The data sets are then matched to the all participants involved from the initial interest through the transaction. The data is formatted into an email and ingested into the archive, with all relevant and regulated content included.

The DataParser™ software was developed in 2005 to capture third party messaging content for format and ingestion into an institutional archive. The DataParser’s lightweight, streamlined structure enables easy module development. This allows 17a-4 to quickly develop solutions in a timely manner allowing financial and other cross industry organizations to address the shifting regulatory landscape. Data feeds, instant messaging, communication systems, database content, trading and document management platforms can all be captured and controlled using the DataParser.

“We continue to expand the DataParser’s functionality to provide a comprehensive solution to manage the varied data sources that regulated institutions are required to retain.” says Curt Robinson, CTO 17a-4 llc.

As a middle-ware software product, the DataParser integrates easily into many different archive architectures and configurations. Typical on-premise archives include EMC’s SourceOne and Symantec’s Enterprise Vault. Common cloud archive integrations include Autonomy’s ACA, Global Relay and Smarsh.