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DataParser for SQL archives data for SEC compliance

February 12, 2014

DataParser for SQL ensures corporations are retaining all the content that falls under current requirements. Regulations lay the guidelines for data retention policies to include management systems, trading systems and other real-time databases. 

February 12, 2014 Millbrook, NY – A major New England financial firm has installed 17a-4’s DataParser for SQL software for compliance.  The client needs a way to capture and retain regulatory SQL data in accordance with the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Rule 17a-4.  DataParser for SQL ensures institutions are retaining the content that falls under current requirements with extensive capabilities allowing collection from any number of servers and granularity options specifying which content is collected and formatted for archive.

17a-4’s DataParser™ software was developed to capture messaging content for format and ingestion into an institutional archive.  SQL, by its nature, does not preserve content in a non-erasable format which is required by Rule 17a-4.  17a-4’s DataParser uses ODBC connections to pull specified content from a SQL or Postgres database and format the content either into an email message body or attachment.  By installing the DataParser for SQL, the New England institution is able to run a nightly job that pulls the regulatory content from the SQL database and format as an email for processing and retention by their existing email archive system, Barracuda Message Archiver.  The Message Archiver allows email records to be written out to non-erasable storage and otherwise fully complies with SEC Rule 17a-4 and other financial regulations.

“Most FINRA examinations now look beyond email to other electronic data to make sure that content such as trade blotters, customer statements, advertising, employee trading records, etc. all are retained as required by Rule 17a-4.” advises Charles Weeden, 17a-4’s Managing Partner and Executive Director of Compliance Services.  “Much of this content is retained in SQL databases and configuring SQL to work with non-erasable storage is typically difficult and expensive to implement.  Using the DataParser for SQL to leverage an existing archive, as our client did, is the most cost-effective solution.”

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