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DataParser now supports Pivot’s IMTRADER

May 14, 2014

The DataParser is leading middle-ware to capture messaging and database content into an archive.  Pivot’s IMTRADER, an automated trade entry and execution platform, is now supported.

17a-4’s DataParser software for messaging compliance now supports Pivot’s IMTRADER.  Pivot Inc., a CME Group company, is recognized as the preferred communications network for buy and sell-side market participants seeking an unprecedented competitive advantage. 17a-4 develops software for compliance to allow institutions to take advantage of communication and collaboration systems while still adhering to regulatory guidelines.  The DataParser is 17a-4’s leading software product to manage message and database systems for archival ingestion.

The DataParser connects to the source of data, or the database associated, to access messaging content and then format the content to normalize to the archive currently being used for email.  This allows a single point for IT and Compliance to manage regulated communications for e-discovery, retention and disposition.  Pivot’s IMTRADER turns instant messaging conversations into transactions that flow into an order management system and integrate with security and compliance.  With IMTRADER functionality, users can leverage structured messaging integrated with the FIX protocol to automate IM trade entry and execution.

The DataParser is a lightweight, middle-ware product that integrates easily into many different archive architectures and configurations.  Clients can leverage the DataParser in conjunction with their archive, whether in house or hosted, to become compliant with SEC, FINRA or corporate policy and procedure.

“Having developed many of these interfaces for our clients,” offers Curt Robinson, Chief Technology Officer, “we have an architecture that allows us to very quickly create a new module customized for the data source, while creating a consistent email or XML record that may be ingested into any archive.”