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17a-4’s DataParser now supports FactSet Instant Messenger

July 30, 2014

The DataParser is leading compliance software to capture IM, chats and other database content into an archive.  FactSet Instant Messenger, an open collaboration platform designed to enhance the workflow needs of global financial professionals, is now supported.


17a-4’s DataParser software for messaging compliance now supports FactSet Instant Messenger (IM).  17a-4’s software allows institutions to take advantage of communication and collaboration systems while still adhering to regulatory guidelines.  The DataParser is 17a-4’s leading software product to manage messaging and database systems for archival ingestion.  FactSet (NYSE: FDS) is a multinational financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, CT and a leading provider of financial information and analytic applications to investment professionals around the globe.  The FactSet IM module of the DataParser is now available for testing and installation.

The DataParser is a lightweight, middle-ware product that integrates easily into various archive architectures and configurations.  Clients can leverage the DataParser in conjunction with their archive, whether in house or hosted, to become compliant with SEC, FINRA or corporate policy and procedure. It connects to the source of data, or the database associated, to access the messaging content and apply formatting to correspond to the destination archive currently in use.  This allows a single point for IT and Compliance to manage regulated communications for e-discovery, retention and disposition. The FactSet IM platform is fully integrated within the FactSet workstation, letting users share news, charts, identifiers, and other financial data components while they send/receive messages, project/receive presence, and manage contacts.  FactSet IM features include; message previews, blast messages, tabbed conversations, and persistent group chat functionality to efficiently share ideas.

The DataParser supports Lync, Jabber, Bloomberg, Reuters and most other IM and Chat platforms.  The FactSet module is part of the continuing effort by 17a-4 to support the communication systems preferred by regulated clients.