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17a-4’s DataParser for Cisco Jabber adds support for image archiving

March 11, 2015

17a-4 has enhanced the DataParser for Jabber’s features to support the archiving of in line image attachments. The new feature of the Jabber module supports capture of all images transferred in IMs, Multi-Party Chats and Persistent or Group Chat Rooms.

Millbrook, NY (PRWEB) March 11, 2015

17a-4’s DataParser for Jabber has added support for image archiving. The DataParser is a lightweight, middleware product that brings regulated data into compliance. The Jabber module of the DataParser collects IMs, Chats, and Group Chat room conversations for an email archive. The new feature of the Jabber module allows for the collection of images that are sent between users.
Many organizations are now using anytime, anywhere collaboration capabilities to substantially improve business agility and productivity. Cisco’s Unified Communication solution offers advanced, integrated enterprise wide communication systems. Cisco Jabber delivers highly secure, clear, and reliable communications. 17a-4’s clients can leverage the DataParser to bring their Jabber communications into compliance. The software was designed to capture and format messaging and database content to create a normalized archive structure and enable compliance and discovery. A compliant archive with unified content offers optimal policy management, e-discovery procedures and disposition rules that lessen storage concerns.
Images are an important component of compliance as the textual comments made with a customer or institutional investor are difficult to understand if the underlying screen shot, graphic or other image is not part of the regulatory record; for instance, a broker discussing a financial graph or a medical professional discussing a MRI image (SEC Rule 17a-4, SEC 204-2 or 42 CFR 482.24).
The DataParser has a modular design to collect many types of data streams, messaging and database content for an email archive. The Jabber module leverages the Postgre SQL or Oracle database through Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) to allow for the collection and formatting of Jabber data. The DataParser can pull from any number of CUP servers and can use Active Directory filters to capture specific user groups. All major email archives on the market are supported, allowing clients to leverage in house resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum.