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17a-4’s DataParser improves support for Skype for Business Online features

July 15, 2015

17a-4 continues to enhance features for all DataParser platforms as data source partners make them available.  The latest development comes to Skype for Business Online with the ability to collect whiteboards, polls and Q&A data.

Millbrook, NY – The Skype for Business Online DataParser now supports the collection of whiteboards, polls and Q&A data from meetings.  This enables clients to take advantage of these collaborative features in Skype for Business while still being in compliance with current rules.  Collected content now includes; one-to-one IMs, multi-party chats, all user metadata, time/date stamps, whiteboards, polls and Q&A’s.  The DataParser pulls users’ chats and meeting content on a nightly basis, formats into email messages with the collaborative content attached and includes service indicators and x-header information to ease discovery efforts.

The DataParser is used by hundreds of financial and regulated institutions to capture multiple types of data sources and messaging content for archive and discovery policy and procedures.  Regulations imposed by the SEC and FINRA require institutions to retain these communications in accordance with specific requirements such as SEC Rules 17a-4 and 204-2.  As a lightweight, middleware product with a modular design, the DataParser can collect many different types of data streams, messaging platforms and database content.  In addition to Skype for Business Online and on premise, Bloomberg, Cisco Jabber, SharePoint, Reuters Eikon, FactSet and many other regulated data sources can all be collected and controlled by the DataParser.  This allows users to enable a unified compliance policy and procedure for all data. The DataParser can pull from any number of servers and fully integrates with Active Directory (AD).  AD user groups can be specified for collection and output to multiple locations to conform to institutional compliance policies.

Designed to integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, the DataParser has various delivery options and can run multiple configurations for more complex environments.  Messages can go directly into a client’s Exchange environment, to a file location and/or into an on premise or hosted email archive.  Microsoft continues to expand policy and procedure features with the recent addition of a Compliance Center, controlled through admin portals in Exchange 2013 and Office 365.  As well, all the major email archives on the market have the necessary tools for discovery and supervision and are supported by the DataParser, allowing clients to leverage in house resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum.  Creating a normalized repository structure across data types offers optimal policy management and e-discovery procedures that can enable disposition rules and lessen storage concerns.