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17a-4 unites with Microsoft to announce general availability of new archiving third-party data feature in Office 365

February 25, 2016

The archiving third-party data feature in Office 365 is now generally available.  17a-4’s DataParser software brings the third-party data sources into Office 365 for compliance management.

Millbrook, NY17a-4’s DataParser and Office 365’s new feature for archiving of third-party data is in general availability and can now be used to pull Bloomberg, Cisco Jabber, Eikon Messenger and many other types of data into compliance.  The third-party data archiving feature extends the compliance capabilities of Office 365 and allows clients to manage third-party data sources along with email.  The DataParser collects the third-party sources, formats data and sends messages into Office 365.

Microsoft continues to expand the Compliance Center tools for messaging management and e-discovery.  Now features such as Litigation Hold, In-Place eDiscovery and Hold, Compliance Search, In-Place Archiving, Auditing, and Retention Policies can be applied to a Jabber or Bloomberg chat just as with email.

17a-4’s compliance services team strongly recommends that all electronic forms of communication and collaboration are captured, normalized and archived for compliance and e-discovery as well as a component of a corporation’s knowledge strategy.  Creating a normalized repository structure across data types offers optimal compliance policy management and e-discovery procedures.

The DataParser is on premise middleware with a modular design to collect many different types of data.  Clients can collect Bloomberg, Cisco Jabber, Reuters Eikon Messenger, SharePoint, Skype, FactSet, InvestEdge, Blackberry and more with one easy solution.  The DataParser can pull from any number of servers and fully integrates with Active Directory (AD).  AD user groups can be specified for collection and output to multiple locations to conform to institutional compliance policies.  Designed to integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, the DataParser can run multiple configurations for more complex environments.