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Microsoft continues to add Office 365 Security & Compliance features

October 05, 2016

Office 365 Security & Compliance Center continues to get new features. Third party data type classification and the recently announced Advanced Data Governance feature set offer more options to manage and control corporate data.

Millbrook, NY – Office 365’s Security & Compliance Center continues to be enhanced with new features.  The latest improvements include third party data source classification and the recently announced Advanced Data Governance feature set.  Third party data is classified by type so when performing a search in the Security & Compliance center a user’s Bloomberg message is easily differentiated from a Skype message.  The new feature set for Advanced Data Governance brings additional import, policy and retention capabilities.

When using the Search & Investigation tools within the Security & Compliance Center the third party data sources that have been ingested into Office 365 are now classified by message type.  Message type classification allows for the search, sort and export of the various data sources which eases the process of performing e-discovery reviews.  Bloomberg, Jabber, Thomson Reuters Eikon, HipChat and any other supported data sources ingested into Office 365, are tagged as such and can be managed along with Office 365 email, Skype, SharePoint and OneDrive.  The third party content is normalized to the user’s corporate email address so that searches will pull in all responsive content and provide to compliance and legal complete context of conversations.

“Often users will carry on a conversation over several platforms,” offers Douglas Weeden, 17a-4’s Director of Compliance and e-Discovery, “and only by consolidating and threading all e-messaging can we find the actual context.”

Microsoft’s Ignite conference last week revealed another improvement; Advanced Data Governance features coming to Office 365.  Applying intelligence to help achieve organizational compliance and automate data retention is the objective.  To be able to classify, set policy and take action on the data that is most relevant for an organization and industry, with recommendations driven by behavioral analysis and machine learning.  Advanced Data Governance will include the ability to intelligently import specific data sets from on premise and third-party archives using classifications (age, data type, user etc.).  As well as offer policy recommendations (delete, move, encrypt, or share) based on data insights and retention triggers based upon events to intelligently preserve data.

17a-4 serves as a Designated Third Party for Office 365 and provides the DataParser that can be used to ingest third party data sources into Office 365.