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List of SEC, FINRA and CFTC Compliance Records

January 25, 2017

17a-4 provides Designated Third Party services for clients required to adhere to SEC (Rule 17a-4), FINRA and CFTC (Rule 1.31) regulations.  An updated compliance records list to assist with internal 17a-4 records reviews is now available.      

Millbrook, NY – -17a-4, LLC has prepared an updated a list of compliance records required to be retained by SEC, FINRA and CFTC regulations.  Based on involvement in many client regulatory exams and now FINRA’s recent fines for 12 firms for failing to retain records in non-erasable storage 17a-4 has compiled the list of regulated records to assist financial institutions in the review of their electronic records.  17a-4 offers Designated Third Party and related compliance services to broker dealer clients.

SEC Rule 17a-4 and other regulations have very specific requirements for the retention of electronic records.  Reviewing electronic records for compliance has been an examination priority for regulations in 2016 and will be again in 2017.  As a complimentary document, 17a-4, llc has prepared a spreadsheet with the regulatory records required to be retained.  17a-4, as part of Designated Third Party reviews and in other compliance engagements, recommends that all SEC-regulated institutions review the systems and methodologies used to retain records and create a road map to address any records which are not currently in compliance.

“The size of the regulatory fines,” offers Charles Weeden, “make it now necessary for all SEC-regulated firms to do a complete review of their records to ensure that retention policies and procedures conform to regulations such as SEC Rule 17a-4 and CFTC 1.31.”

Each regulatory record should be mapped to a system whether on-premise or in the cloud, the storage media defined as well as when the Letter of Notification (Attestation) (Rule 17a-4(f)(2)(i)) was filed and how and when disposition of those records will occur.

To request the list of compliance records from 17a-4 email or call 212-949-1724.