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DataParser develops support for Yammer

March 08, 2017

17a-4 is developing support for Yammer. DataParser for Yammer is now in beta testing.

17a-4 is developing a new module of the DataParser to support Yammer. The DataParser is middleware to collect and format regulated data for retention in an archive. Microsoft’s Yammer lets users communicate, share files and work in groups organized by project or topic. The Yammer DataParser is undergoing beta testing now.

The DataParser uses Yammer’s Data Export API to collect users’ communications for an archive. The new module will ensure Yammer messaging compliance just as with Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, Bloomberg, InvestEdge, FactSet and other supported data sources. The Yammer module will collect all messages, files, topics, users, and groups.

The design of the DataParser allows for integration with Active Directory. Sophisticated queries specify users or types of messaging to be collected into specific archive folders. Multiple configurations are supported for more complex client environments. All major archiving technologies, both in-house and out-sourced, are supported allowing clients to leverage resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum. Delivery options include the ability to send messages directly into an archive, to a file location and/or into Exchange or Office 365. If clients are using Office 365 for compliance, the DataParser can deliver to the third-party data mailbox which allows for Microsoft’s new Security & Compliance features to be applied.

17a-4 is continually developing new modules and enhancing DataParser features and available options for all supported platforms. Clients can request specific modules and features be added to the roadmap.

For more information about 17a-4’s DataParser for Yammer visit