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17a-4’s Annual e-disclaimer Sale

December 06, 2017

e-disclaimer sale now through February 2018.  50% off a fully compliant hyperlinked email disclaimer service.

17a-4’s e-disclaimer is a fully compliant hyperlinked email disclaimer service with a managed repository.  Now and through February of 2018, all e-disclaimer purchases are half off.

17a-4 ‘s e-disclaimer:

  • Hyperlinked email disclaimer service
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Provides legal protection required for corporate emails
  • Fully defensible authentication of linked connection
  • Managed repository for multi-lingual and conditional variations
  • Eliminates unnecessary flagging and retention in the archive
  • Drastically reduces flagged content during e-discovery

“Many companies don’t realize that their email and messaging disclaimers are not legally enforceable if there is no chain of custody for the hyperlink.  Often, there is no verification of the disclaimer language at the time of the message and no third party to testify to its authenticity.” says Charles Weeden, Executive Director of Compliance Services at 17a-4 llc.

The defensible authentication of the linked connection is a key element to 17a-4’s e-disclaimer solution.  Most hyperlinked disclaimers being used in corporate messaging cannot provide the required authentication.  If an organization simply deploys a hyperlink to a webpage with a full disclaimer, they have failed to authenticate the connection and are not legally defended.  There is no verifiable proof that, at the time the email was sent, that specific disclaimer was valid and linked.  The legality of the disclaimer is negated unless each email can be proven to connect to a specific e-disclaimer, as it reads at the time of attachment.  17a-4’s solution proves the integrity of the hyperlink by managing a repository on behalf of clients.  The repository contains all disclaimers used by an institution, including multi-lingual and conditional variations such as e-messaging and social networking disclaimers.

Email disclaimers often prove burdensome to Compliance and IT since the language, words like confidential, privacy, guarantee etc., can result in unnecessary flagging by the required supervisory systems (FINRA Rule 3110 and IAA 203).  This is problematic when considering time is of the essence in response to an SEC or FINRA request and the legal cost to longer reviews and productions.  As well, all that flagged content is retained in the corporate archive taking up valuable space.  A hyperlinked solution, like 17a-4’s, simply eliminates the flagging and retention of disclaimers in the archive.

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