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Microsoft is debuting new Office 365 Security & Compliance features at LegalTech

January 30, 2019

17a-4 LLC joins Microsoft at LegalTech this week as they announce new features in Office 365’s Security & Compliance Center.  Supervision, Lexicons, Labels and Reporting are important additions to the Office 365 compliance suite.

Millbrook, NY – Microsoft will be introducing some of the new features in Office 365’s Security & Compliance Center at LegalTech this week.  Highlights include new Supervision tools, Labels, Custom Lexicons and enhanced Reports.  17a-4 LLC has been taking part in the partner and client preview program to test and provide feedback to the Office 365 Compliance team.

“We are excited to partner with the 17a-4 LLC to help our customers in regulated and non-regulated industries deploy our integrated supervision and data governance solutions” says Shilpa Ranganathan, Principal PM Manager, M365 Engineering, Microsoft. “This partnership with 17a-4 LLC provides greater extensibility and integrated solutions to our customers with their DataParser technology in combination with the Office 365 Supervision solution.”

“We’ve been testing with clients and the new features rolling out to Office 365’s Security & Compliance Center have been well received.”, contributes Douglas Weeden, Director of Compliance at 17a-4 LLC.  “Clients are happy with the ease of the interface and the ability to manage their data governance processes in one location.”

The new Supervision features include enhanced policy criteria and the all too important bulk tag and resolve.  Teams data support has been added and can be supervised alongside email and third-party data now.  Also getting improvements in the Security & Compliance Center are Labels with sensitive info types and encryption and Reports with better review process criteria and auditing.  All key components that will make a compliance officer’s e-discovery easier and streamlined across data types.  These new feature sets join an already robust data governance platform including DLP, GDPR and Retention policies and controls.

“Office 365 offers real-time compliance intelligence,” continues Douglas, “with tools such as content filters and smart labels.  It’s imperative for regulated financial services companies to use them to their advantage by means of a proactive compliance program complemented with robust supervision policies, procedures and associated lexicons. Our clients implement compliance and security parameters which allow them to spend more time reviewing and less time and effort on constructing conditional statements or queries.

17a-4 serves as a Designated Third Party for Office 365 and provides the DataParser so that institutions can ingest third-party data such as Bloomberg, Symphony, Jabber, Eikon and other messaging and enterprise collaboration into Office 365.  For more information.