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17a-4, LLC shares DataParser’s Strategic Direction and Open Architecture

September 30, 2020

In response to recent acquisitions of competitors, 17a-4’s DataParser will remain independent and open to technical integrations.  DataParser will debut an open API in 2021.

Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s DataParser is a leading middleware product for capturing third-party data for archive retention and eDiscovery.  Two other companies in the middleware space, Globanet’s Merge1 and Actiance, have been purchased by the archive vendors, Veritas and Smarsh, respectively.  The DataParser, however, has a markedly different strategic direction and will remain an independent product and company.  17a-4 is, instead, developing an open API architecture to allow companies to develop independent interfaces and connectors. 

17a-4’s DataParser supports collection of content from many different sources and formats the data for retention in an archive.  DataParser is archive agnostic and 17a-4 remains committed to supporting all archive partners.  17a-4’s focus has always been to preserve the integrity of the content for compliance and legal teams who may need to review or produce the content for regulatory or legal purposes.  DataParser formats have been reviewed by regulators and legal teams to insure that collected content is not challenged in court.

17a-4’s software team is actively working to develop an open DataParser architecture that will allow software developers to build connectors or to leverage the built-in connectors already in the DataParser.  For instance, firms may wish to leverage Active Directory or Microsoft 365 interfaces for content that they need to incorporate into an archive or as part of an eDiscovery production. 

“Our strategic approach is to open our architecture and that differentiates DataParser from several of the other large middleware products.  DataParser will not be acquired by an archive company and we believe the best long-term strategy for both the product and to support our clients is the development of API connectors.  An open architecture so that financial, educational, government and other regulated industry verticals may take advantage of our DataParser technology for their own content retention requirements.” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4.

17a-4 will leverage both DataParser On-premise and DataParser Cloud® architectures so the API calls can provide for the seamless delivery of all types of regulatory content. 

Contact us to request updates on the development of DataParser APIs and how you may be able to leverage the architecture to address in-house requirements.