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17a-4 LLC’s DataParser offers Scalable, Multi-Server Architecture for Enterprise Clients

November 17, 2020

17a-4 announces DataParser’s Multi-Server feature for scalable architecture. This offering represents the next generation of throughput processing and datacenter security for DataParser. 

Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s DataParser is the leading, independent middleware tool for institutions to capture content from online meetings and enterprise collaboration platforms.  With the growth of online meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom due to Covid-19, the DataParser now features a new, more secure and faster processing Multi-Server architecture.  DataParser is continuously being developed to enhance feature sets and processes.

17a-4’s Development team has designed the Multi-Server architecture to include:

Source Data Servers.  These servers sits in the DMZ or a subnet of an institutional datacenter and supports external-facing services such as Microsoft’s 365, Cisco, Slack, Salesforce, Google and other cloud-based platforms. Servers can be added to provide data collection levels to fit the needs of one or more data streams.

Output Processing Servers.  These servers sit within the datacenter’s firewall and push collected content into a network of archival, analytic or eDiscovery servers. Servers can be added to provide output throughput, as necessary.

Shared Queue Directory.  Permits the secure exchange of collected content from the Source Data to the Output Processing Servers.

Active Directory integration.  Either the Source Data or the Output Processing Server or both may filter collected or output content depending upon the attributes of users or groups in the Active Directory.

“In speaking with our large clients,” offers Charles Weeden, Managing Partner, “we realized their need for a more complex and flexible architecture which address both throughput and information security issues.  We have incorporated their concerns into this new Multi-Server architecture.” 

Mr. Weeden continues, “deploying middleware capture software in large complex institutions cannot be managed with a single-server, one-size-fits-all strategy.  As an independent, middleware company, we have always encouraged input from content providers, clients and archival platforms.”

Depending upon the processing volume and the collection methodology, the DataParser can be configured to support hundreds of thousands of users in a complex regulatory landscape.

For more information about Multi-Server Deployments.