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DataParser adds Support for External User in Microsoft Teams Meetings

January 06, 2021

DataParser adds support for external users with tagging and collection of chats and files.  As Microsoft Teams has become a major platform for communication and collaboration, it is important for regulated institutions to be able to identify external users and what information was shared during the meeting. 

17a-4, LLC’s DataParser is widely used to capture Microsoft Teams meeting information for Compliance and eDiscovery.  Microsoft Teams provides external users access to participate in meetings and use in-meeting chat and file share features.  People from other companies, medical patients, town board meetings, classrooms join these meetings but keeping track of who joined and documents or other information that was viewed or shared, may be important to retain for compliance and eDiscovery.

DataParser’s interface for Microsoft Teams has added support for the collection of external user information including the email address, chats and attachments.  This information may now be archived by the institution.  In addition, the DataParser flags meetings with external users so that if there is a need for compliance or a legal team to be able to identify meetings with external users, this becomes an archival search parameter.

Though Microsoft’s M365 has a very robust set of Data Loss Prevention controls which manages the risk of users sending documents to external users, M365 is unable to control documents which may be shared as part of a meeting with external users.  Though DataParser cannot control the specific content that may have been shared in a Team’s meeting, it does provide information that may be important for further inquiry.

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