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17a-4, LLC joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

March 03, 2021

17a-4’s DataParser integrates with Microsoft Information Governance to send third-party data into Microsoft 365 archive for retention and eDiscovery.

17a-4, LLC, a global compliance software and services company, has joined Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA). 17a-4’s DataParser is one of the leading middleware connectors for bringing regulated third-party data into an archive or eDiscovery platform. MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their security and compliance products with Microsoft’s to better defend against a world of increasing threats. To be considered for MISA, organizations must be nominated by Microsoft and demonstrate integrations that support the goal of improving enterprise security.

DataParser integrates with Microsoft Information Governance (MIG) capabilities to govern data for compliance or regulatory requirements. DataParser allows compliance teams to import, archive, and apply compliance solutions to third-party data from instant messaging and document collaboration platforms.

“We are thrilled to be included in MISA,” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4, LCC. “Together we can help companies effectively manage third-party data to comply with regulations.”DataParser is one of the leading independent compliance solutions to bring third party data into an archive for retention and supervision. DataParser has no impact on the collected data source networks. Users’ chat and collaboration activities are not disrupted by the DataParser’s processes and Compliance officers do not have to make changes to eDiscovery procedures. All ingested data sources are fully indexed and searchable via typical eDiscovery queries in the archive.

“Microsoft compliance solutions help organizations intelligently assess risk, govern and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements,” said Hammad Raijoub, director, Product Marketing, Microsoft 365 Suite. “Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, like 17a-4, offer solutions that benefit from Microsoft’s rich extensibility scenarios for compliance to adapt, extend, integrate, and accelerate member solutions for our shared customers.” “Visibility into the volume and location of sensitive data is critical, especially for remote workforces. Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, like 17a-4, integrate via data connectors to help customers enable information governance, eDiscovery, and communication compliance,” said Alym Rayani, General Manager, Product Marketing, Microsoft 365 Suite. “This gives our shared customers access to the data they need to manage compliance and risk management in Microsoft 365.

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