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17a-4’s Zoom DataParser is released in Beta for testing

July 07, 2021

DataParser has added support for Zoom. The new module of DataParser for Zoom is in beta and available for testing.

Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC has released Zoom DataParser in beta for client testing and feedback.  DataParser is the leading independent compliance solution to bring third-party data into any archive.  Zoom is simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device.  Zoom’s secure, reliable video platform powers all of your communication needs, including meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events.  DataParser brings your Zoom chats and meeting info into your archive for your supervision and eDiscovery needs.

The Beta version of Zoom DataParser is available now for testing and feedback.  The final GA release date for Zoom DataParser will be announced soon.  Zoom DataParser captures users Zoom Chat, Zoom Meeting and Webinar chats.  Supported features include collection of meeting and participant data, message edits and deletes and video and audio recording files.  

The new Zoom module of DataParser will be added to the already robust supported interface list joining Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex Teams, Fuze, Yammer, Bloomberg and many others.  As with all DataParser interfaces, Zoom chats are threaded into conversations and formatted into EMLs so they are easily ingested into an archive.

“We’ve designed DataParser to ensure full chain-of-custody.  One of the largest money management firms was able to prove the integrity of their archived messages by using 17a-4’s chain-of-custody methodology when challenged in court.” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4.

DataParser has no impact on the collected data source networks or destination archives.  Users’ chat and collaboration activities are not disrupted by the DataParser’s processes and Compliance officers do not have to make changes to eDiscovery procedures.  All ingested data sources are fully indexed and searchable via typical eDiscovery queries.  All major archiving technologies are supported by DataParser allowing clients to leverage in house resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum. 

DataParser offers on-premise and cloud plans.  For more information about the upcoming DataParser releases.