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DataParser releases FX Connect module in general availability

December 13, 2023

DataParser now supports FX Connect.  Users can send their FX Connect data into any archive or eDiscovery system.

DataParser has been developed to support collection of FX Connect data.  FX Connect is State Street’s market-leading platform for FX execution, portfolio management and streamlined global operations.  FX Connect simplifies and automates the entire FX trading process – from pre-trade through execution to post-trade settlement.  DataParser is 17a-4’s leading compliance solution to bring chat and collaboration data into any archive or eDiscovery platform.  The FX Connect DataParser integration enables users to take advantage of a market-leading FX execution venue and stay in compliance with regulations.

“DataParser’s roadmap is heavily influenced by our clients’ business needs and compliance requirements.  And FX Connect is a highly regarded execution platform that helps some of the world’s largest institutional investors.” said Tom Sinistore, VP of Sales at 17a-4.

The FX Connect DataParser offers direct collection from source APIs, user mapping, AD integration and SMTP delivery as well as reporting/auditing of data processing.  Other DataParser supported data sources include Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Symphony, SharePoint and more.  DataParser supports delivery to any archive or eDiscovery platform including Microsoft 365 Purview, Google Vault, Proofpoint, Mimecast, EV and MessageWatcher.  Collected data types include chats, texts, images, meetings, documents, data feeds and collaboration activities.  DataParser offers modules for CSV exports, SQL databases and Email Relay processes to further streamline data collection and reporting.  DataParser supports multiple configurations for more complex environments.  Data can be sent to specific archives or locations to comply with data regulations.  Users’ chat and collaboration activities are never disrupted by the DataParser’s processes.  All ingested data sources are fully indexed and searchable via typical eDiscovery queries.

Free trials are available for testing DataParser.  On-premise and cloud plans are available.  17a-4’s Hybrid Suite bundles key services for our Enterprise clients.  For more information.

DataParser releases FX Connect module in general (