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Legalweek Topics: AI to In-house eDiscovery Trends

January 23, 2024

17a-4 LLCLegalweek (formerly LegalTech) is next week and topics will range from AI to Data Governance.  One key takeaway for in-house legal teams will be how to control more of the eDiscovery process and better manage the associated costs.

Legalweek runs from Jan. 29th through Feb. 1st and provides in-house counsel with the opportunity to reconsider their IT and eDiscovery processes.  17a-4, LLC, works with highly regulated clients to initiate best practices and procedures for eDiscovery.  As many regulated institutions – finance, banking, healthcare, governments, energy – already retain email and collaborative content on platforms like Microsoft’s 365 and Google’s Workspace, it makes sense to create an internal working group consisting of IT and legal personnel to reconsider how eDiscovery and compliance searches will be managed internally and which they will outsource to law firms and eDiscovery vendors.

Many of the leading eDiscovery vendors will be at Legalweek including Relativity, Nuix, KLDiscovery and OpenText will be able to discuss their integrations with Microsoft and Google.  An additional challenge is complementing their Microsoft and Google content with 3rd party content such as Bloomberg, Symphony, Zoom, Webex, Slack and text messaging.  These may be brought into Microsoft and Google so that all messaging / collaboration may be searched and exported.

Creating content on a daily or timely basis is often important to being able to provide fully responsive content.  For instance, it may be that an employee has changed their name or moved to a different position and the Active Directory attributes no longer identify them as a custodian.

The vendors, the panel discussions, and the speakers at Legalweek provide an exceptional opportunity to initiate an internal committee to ensure the correct procedures are in place for future eDiscovery searches and productions.

Legalweek Topics: AI to In-house eDiscovery Trends (