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DataParser being developed to support RingCentral

June 25, 2024



A RingCentral module of DataParser is now being developed to support collection of chat data for archives and eDiscovery systems.

RingCentral has been on our radar for some time, so we weren’t surprised to get client requests for this module. We’re excited to be able to offer collection of RingCentral data. said Tom Sinistore, VP of Sales at 17a-4.

DataParserDataParser is developed to support new data sources requested by clients and vendors and partners. New modules enable end users to take advantage of valuable communication and collaboration tools.  RingCentral offers a unified communications solution for businesses of all sizes; calls, messages, and meetings unified with real-time AI and conversation intelligence, for seamless productivity.

Typically used for Security and Compliance requirements, DataParser is designed for verifiable chain of custody and regulatory compliance. Archiving data for SEC / FINRA rules, HR, remote work, IP, legal or corporate policies are common use cases. Financial firms, Government agencies, Education, Energy and Healthcare organizations all use DataParser.

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