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Text messaging compliance and what’s next for DataParser

What’s Happening Text messaging data is the latest challenge for compliance teams.  Financial firms are tasked with bringing this new data stream in line with existing email, chat, document, and social media policies and procedures according to SEC, FINRA, CFTC, etc. rules.  Mobile communications in the Government and Education sectors are governed by NARA, FERPA […]

Algorithmic Trading Compliance

While ChatGPT-3 and Generative AI is certainly the talk of Wall Street lately, even causing some firms to prohibit employee use < >, the use of machine learning technologies and algorithmic models by banks and trading firms for business activities is well established. The use of AI-based applications ranges from investment recommendations for clients, […]

Solving the problem of large files

Should we archive our meeting and webinar videos?    Do we have to turn off file sharing in our chat platform?    What do we do about all these large files our users are sharing?  These are common questions we hear from clients.  Organizations want to allow their users to enable all the features of […]

Federal agencies records retention rules now apply to chats and texts

New records mandate issued by the National Archives and Records Administration expands retention requirement to include “email and other electronic messages” and details rules for automating. Electronic messaging, including chat application communications and texting, have become a primary form of communication in the modern government workplace, and this is especially true for U.S. federal agencies. […]

Summary of SEC Amendments to Rule 17a-4

The Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to adopt amendments to the electronic recordkeeping, prompt production of records, and third-party recordkeeping service requirements applicable to broker-dealers.  These amendments make significant changes to SEC Rule 17a-4 and address regulations which apply to write-once, read-many (“WORM”) and the requirement for a Designated 3rd Party (“D3P”) (Rule 17a-4(f)(3)(vii)). […]

Capturing Collaboration Channels Can Prove Corporate Intellectual Property

The Challenge of Corporate IP Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce’s Slack, Quip, Cisco’s Webex, Fuze and others have become very effective tools for engineering, software development, pharmaceutical, technology and other industries to manage teams that build and develop corporate Intellectual Property (“IP”).  Certainly, many of these platforms will retain these discussions but usually […]

17a-4 Announces DataParser support for Zoom Chat, Meetings and Webinars

17a-4 has released DataParser for Zoom into general availability.  The new module of DataParser for Zoom collects chat, meeting, webinar, file, audio and video data. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC, a leader in compliance software and services, has released a new module of DataParser to support Zoom.  DataParser is the leading independent compliance solution to […]

Azure DataParser offers cost-effective SEC compliant archiving

17a-4 announces the release of the most cost-effective, fully compliant archiving solution.  Azure DataParser is designed to bring many types of data into compliance with minimal cost.      Millbrook, NY – 17a-4, LLC, a leader in e-messaging compliance, has released a solution for Azure.    Managing electronic compliance records and SQL database back-ups is challenging as […]

17a-4’s Annual eDisclaimer Sale runs now through Feb 2022

eDisclaimer is on sale now through February 2022.  50% off a fully compliant hyperlinked email disclaimer service. 17a-4’s eDisclaimer is a hyperlinked email disclaimer service.  The sale running November through February of 2022 discounts all eDisclaimer fees by 50%.  eDisclaimer provides the legal protection required for corporate emails, removes the burden to archival storage and […]

17a-4 releases a new version of Teams DataParser using Microsoft’s new Graph Export API

DataParser now supports Microsoft Teams collection via Graph Export API.  The new version of Teams DataParser is now generally available. Millbrook, NY – 17a-4 LLC’s DataParser for Teams using Microsoft’s Graph API is now available.  DataParser is the leading independent compliance solution to bring third party data into any archive for retention.  Microsoft Teams is […]