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17a-4’s Comment on Dodd-Frank

July 03, 2012

Dodd Frank imposes new recordkeeping, reporting and disclosure requirements on all Investment Advisers, Broker Dealers, and newly deemed Major Swap Participants. In all cases, registered advisers will be required to maintain records relating to their business activities as mandated by Rule 17a-4 of the Securities Exchange Act (Broker Dealers) and Rule 204-2 of the Investment Advisors Act (Investment Advisors). Dodd- Frank adds new, confidential reporting requirements which compels virtually all advisers to disclose to the SEC/CFTC their trading and investment positions, practices, and exposures that relate to systemic risks, e.g., assets under management, use of leverage including off balance sheet leverage, exposures to particular counterparties and types of securities, credit risk exposures, calculation policies, side letters. Dodd-Frank also commands that registered entities will have to provide any other information the SEC/CFTC and the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), the new systemic risk regulator, deems necessary and appropriate.

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