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17a-4 llc’s Social Media Capture

July 24, 2012

 17a-4 llc Provides Free Social Media Capture Service

Many institutions are required to capture and monitor social media and web sites.  By using a hosted version of 17a-4’s DataParser for Social Media schools, financial institutions, government agencies and other regulated institutions can now avail themselves of this free option to capture social media public profiles and other web content into their email archive.

17a-4 llc, an e-messaging compliance and e-Discovery firm, announces the release of its free web version of DataParser™ software for social media available at By typing in an email address and a webpage or URL address, an institution can have a copy of the web page sent via email to their regulatory archive.
“This initial release,” says Curt Robinson, CTO of 17a-4, “allows users to quickly capture and archive content. Our next release will allow institutions to maintain tables of addresses and only capture changes of those social web sites and pages they need to monitor.”
“Leveraging an in-house, email archive,” adds Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4, “is the simplest way to normalize and retain this data. Most regulated institutions have archival systems in place to support the monitoring of textual content, the retention of the data, and the facilities to run legal holds and e-Discovery productions. We see the email archive as a cost-effective repository for all types of 3rd party content, such as social media, and normalizing this content provides a lingua franca for easy management.”
“This will support, “adds Charles Weeden, “both FINRA’s Guidance on Blogs and Social Networking Web Sites (NTM 10-06) and the Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) which went into effect on July 1, 2012 ( Financial compliance officers and school administrators can now cost-effectively monitor required sites.
To date, the DataParser normalizes 15 types of content into the standard email format including Microsoft Sharepoint™ wiki/ blog posts, Newsgator™ social media content, Microsoft Lync™ chat / instant messaging content and other forms of e-messaging and collaborative content.

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