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17a-4 adds features to the SEC DeskTop for Rule 15a-6 Compliance

October 27, 2015

17a-4 has added new features to the Rule 15a-6 module of the SEC DeskTop to expedite foreign research review, approval and redistribution.  The DeskTop is a compliant platform to manage regulated broker dealer records.

Millbrook, NY- 17a-4 continues to expand the features of the SEC DeskTop for broker dealer compliance. Under SEC Rule 15a-6, foreign broker-dealers are allowed to distribute research reports to U.S. institutional investors providing they work through a “chaperoning broker-dealer.”  Working with DeskTop clients, 17a-4 has added several new features to facilitate the capture, review, redistribution and retention of foreign research reports.

New features include:

  • Unlimited number of research report uploads
  • Automatic capture via email from a foreign broker to a hosted email address
  • Reviewer alerts when new research reports are uploaded
  • 17a-4’s Smart Reader automatically assigns the associated foreign broker-dealer credentials
  • Automatic routing for review to determine retention requirements
  • Automatic alerts to the foreign broker-dealer when the research is approved or denied
  • Triggers for approved reports to be sent to a research library
  • Client alerts when a new research report is available


Upcoming features will include:

  • Client logins to access, track, view and download research reports
  • Automatic disposition of reports after a specified retention period
  • Smart tracking of clients’ research interests


“Our new enhancements,” offers Charles Weeden, Managing Partner at 17a-4, llc, “extend the research report process so that clients of the broker-dealer may now receive alerts and access the research immediately upon approval.   Firms may continue to load content onto their Bloomberg library, however, we are adding intelligence to the process.  For instance, if a client downloaded a research report in the past, the client may receive an email alert with a link to similar research.”

17a-4, llc, has worked with our over 500 financial clients to build systems which provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for managing many different types of e-messaging, collaboration and document workflows.  The DeskTop workflows comply with SEC and FINRA regulations as well as work seamlessly within organizations.  The Rule 15a-6 DeskTop complements the other DeskTop modules including support for Customer Complaints (FINRA 4530), Outside Business Activities Review (FINRA 3270), Private Transaction collaboration and documentation (FINRA 3040) and other modules.  The DeskTop is fully SSAE 16 and Rule 17a-4 compliant and starts at $1,200 per year for brokers with less than 100 employees.