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17a-4 Joins Microsoft to announce archiving of third-party data in Office 365 now available in Preview

November 19, 2015

17a-4 announces Office 365’s Preview feature to import and archive third-party data. 17a-4’s DataParser software brings the third-party data sources into Office 365 for compliance management.

Millbrook, NY17a-4 and partner Office 365 announce the new Preview feature that allows for the import and archiving of third-party data.  The third-party data archiving ability extends the already robust compliance capabilities of Office 365.  17a-4 is participating in the Preview program.  17a-4’s DataParser software allows clients to send third-party data sources into Office 365.  The DataParser manages the collection, formatting and ingestion of the various types of data.

Microsoft’s new Compliance Center has all the necessary tools for messaging management and e-discovery.  After third-party data is imported, Office 365 compliance features such as Litigation Hold, In-Place eDiscovery and Hold, Compliance Search, In-Place Archiving, auditing, and retention Policies can be applied to the data.  This allows clients to leverage in house resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum.  Creating a normalized repository structure across data types offers optimal policy management and e-discovery procedures.

“When we consult with institutions with regulatory or e-discovery concerns, we always recommend that they implement a single archive so that all retention, e-discovery and disposition can be managed with one set of policies.  Having multiple repositories creates inconsistency and spoliation concerns,” offers Ali French, Vice President of Client Support.

The DataParser is a lightweight, middleware product that has a modular design to collect many different types of data.  Bloomberg, Cisco Jabber, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Skype for Business Online, Reuters Eikon Messenger, FactSet, InvestEdge and many other regulated data sources can all be collected and controlled.  The DataParser can pull from any number of servers and fully integrates with Active Directory (AD).  AD user groups can be specified for collection and output to multiple locations to conform to institutional compliance policies.  Designed to integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, the DataParser can run multiple configurations for more complex environments.

“We will continue to develop new interfaces to support the messaging and collaboration platforms used by our clients.  As more of these platforms emerge, we will write the interfaces necessary to make sure that they remain fully-compliant with SEC Rules 17a-4, 204-2 and other regulations.” adds Kate Hayes, Director of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives.

The Preview is available worldwide and there is no special sign-up process.