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17a-4 offers Free Twitter and YouTube Post Capture to Email Service for Regulated Institutions

May 04, 2021

17a-4, LLC, a leader in e-messaging compliance, announces a free service for regulated institutions to capture Twitter posts or YouTube videos into an institutional email archive.  PostLog is easy to configure and support up to 500 accounts. 

April 6, 2021.  Millbrook, NY – 17a-4’s PostLog now supports Twitter and YouTube.  Many regulated institutions have policies and requirements to capture social media communications posted by employees.  Often, the institution pays a third party provider to capture these social media posts and retain them.  17a-4’s PostLog service provides a capture mechanism to format and forward the Twitter posts and YouTube videos into the archive that the institution is already using for email or other data.  This not only saves money but allows for either FOIA or eDiscovery searches to review all types of social media content.

“Social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube have become an exceptional tool for regulated institutions to interact with their customers, constituents, or community. In industries such as government, education, and healthcare, however, organizations have a requirement to retain these messages” offers Douglas Weeden, General Counsel, 17a-4, LLC “and the most cost-effective archive is the one that the institution is already using.”

Tweets and YouTube videos may be forwarded into Microsoft’s 365 or SharePoint, G Suite or any of the other platform which retains email content for an institution.  Here is an example of Tweet being captured into a M365 email archive. The Tweet is timestamped and if media is included in the Tweet, it would be captured as well.

PostLog free service provides institutions:

  • Integration with industry email archiving platforms.​
  • Rich Data Capture – Full resolution pictures, videos and GIF’s are attached in native formats.​
  • Continuous Archiving – Capture and Preserve new Twitter or YouTube content 24 hours a day 7 days a week.​
  • Advanced Search and Tagging – Search the archive by Twitter or YouTube communication type, timestamp, message ID, date range, subject line, participants or hashtags.​
  • Quick and Seamless Deployment – Connect and archive regulated Twitter or YouTube communications without collecting personal login information. Supports up to 500 accounts.​
  • Compliance, Monitoring, and Supervision – Captured Tweets and YouTube videos are subject to compliance retention and supervision monitoring using email archive platforms. 

For more information about PostLog.