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Expanding DataParser with Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage integration

June 02, 2021

17a-4, LLC, a leader in e-messaging compliance, enhances the integration of its widely used DataParser with archiving on Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage.  Large files and recordings that are too large for email archives can be easily stored in Azure Blob.

Millbrook, NY – The DataParser is widely used by regulated institutions to capture many types of on-line meeting and collaborative such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Slack, Zoom and Bloomberg and then push that content into a client’s archival platform.  The DataParser does not actually retain content but provides the necessary capture and chain of custody for regulators and eDiscovery.

As part of the DataParser’s daily processing, it downloads large files from these meeting platforms.  That source content is typically retained on a client’s network.  However, the DataParser now integrates with Microsoft Azure Blob storage so that these source files may be written out to Azure.  

“Saving the original Teams, Bloomberg and Zoom files including audio and video in many cases is necessary for regulatory retention but the files are too large for the client’s regulatory archive,” offers Charles Weeden, Managing Partner at 17a-4 LLC.  “Now the DataParser can write those files to Azure which is both a fully-compliant archive as well as providing inexpensive storage.” 

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