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The next generation of DataParser is now in development

August 16, 2022

17a-4 announces work has begun on DataParser 8.  This next major version will have new security, reporting, analysis and interface features.

17a-4’s leading connector solution to collect chats and documents into archives is getting a major update.  DataParser, widely adopted in financial services, has rapidly expanded into many new verticals with the proliferation of remote work.  Client feedback and new use cases are driving this overhaul to bring DataParser to the next level with even more robust feature sets and enhanced security and reporting features.  Modern Authentication, advanced analysis, new logging, event reporting and interface options are some of the most anticipated items in the queue, but the new UI should please clients too.  DataParser Cloud clients will also look forward to this next major version with new monitoring and analysis options coming soon.

DataParser was developed in 2004 to help 17a-4’s clients with Bloomberg chat compliance.  Soon 17a-4’s clients were asking for new interfaces.  Now, with the help of thousands of clients and millions of users, DataParser has evolved into the leading independent connector to deliver data to any archive storage or eDiscovery system.  DataParser currently supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Slack, Symphony, Refinitiv, Quip, SQL, LivePerson and many other data sources.  17a-4 continues to build upon a close association with major collaboration partners product development teams so that new features are quickly incorporated into the DataParser collection.

“Our clients know we stand behind the DataParser and, if requested, will provide expert witness testimony as to the integrity of the data.  DataParser strictly maintains the ‘chain of custody’ so that content may be used as evidence in regulatory and legal matters; preserving metadata including information such as when people enter and leave a channel or chat.”  said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner of 17a-4.

DataParser has no impact on the collected data source networks or destination archives.  Users’ chat and collaboration activities are not disrupted by the DataParser’s processes and Compliance officers do not have to make changes to eDiscovery procedures.  All ingested data sources are fully indexed and searchable via typical eDiscovery queries in the archive or eDiscovery platform.  All major archiving technologies are supported by DataParser allowing clients to leverage in house resources and keep compliance costs to a minimum.

DataParser offers on-premise or cloud plans and free trial licenses.  For more information.